Value of Simple


Joel from Value of Simple.

An awesome podcast/website about minimalism and giving value to the simple things in life.

And of course making money by doing something that you love.

I asked Joel a few things, and I appreciate his honesty and the awesome content that he has on his podcast/blog.

How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels ?

My reality is I don’t make money right now. I’ve made a little over $300 as an entrepreneur in 16 months. The only reason I can afford to not make money is because my decade in corporate America treated me well and my wife doubles as my sugar mama right now.

What does success mean to you ?

Success means helping as many people in as many ways possible with as deep and meaningful of an impact as I can muster.

What makes you happy the most ?

Just about everything makes me happy. I’m the consummate happy-go-lucky kind of dude, so I couldn’t pinpoint my top source of happiness or even a top 10. I’m a very, very fortunate guy for a lot of reasons.

Thanks Joel.