Goats on the Road


Goats on the Road

We are Nick & Dariece, a 28-year-old couple from Canada and we are proud to say that we live the lifestyle of our dreams. We travel continuously, stopping only to teach English in our favorite destinations. We are constantly planning our next trip and we live our life by the moment. No nine-to-fives, no boss, no planning for retirement, no white picket fence, no mortgage and no debt.


How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels ?

For our first trip, we really made a massive lifestyle adjustment. We had the sudden urge to go travelling. We sold our house, our car and much of our belongings to fund our initial journey through Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka (13 months). When we went home after that year we knew it wasn’t over. We were “lucky” to get our old (well paying) jobs back and we worked our butts off. I worked up to 80 hours/week (not good), and Dariece picked up an extra job. We worked like crazy for one year and saved enough to travel for a few years. This gave us a nice cushion and ensured that we would never have to go back to 9-5’s. We travelled for a year and a half and then stopped in China to teach English. We signed a year long contract, and during this past year we’ve put countless hours (fun hours) into our beloved website http://goatsontheroad.com. We’ll be finished our contract on July, 15th and we’ll be setting off for another trip. Due to the website’s success of late, this trip may just be indefinite!

If you can change anything about your decision, what would it be ?

I would have left my job earlier. A high paying job that you don’t like is like heroin and I feel like if I had injected one more 12hr shift, I may have been hooked forever. I honestly look back and feel like I barely escaped with my life, literally. Definitely the only “regret” I have about my decision is not doing it earlier. Life’s to precious to waste in conformity.

What does success mean to you ?

To me, success is simple. Success is waking up everyday excited for what adventures lie before you. Success is not necessarily extreme cash flow (although it would be nice), it’s simply being happy every day. I consider myself extremely successful, not only because I make money doing what I love, but because I wake up smiling every morning next to the person I love in a place that I love.

What makes you happy the most ?

Having new adventures and things to look forward to makes me happy. I feel like if your positive in life, then life gives you positive experiences. For us, life is full of surprises, obstacles and gifts, and we’ve learned that if you take each one in stride and appreciate everything you have, then life is just another trip. The big trip that allows you to take all of your trips. Being with Dariece, living a life of freedom and adventure makes me happy.

This is my interview with Nick from Goats on the Road.