Why We Don’t need Goals


Lets have a quick scenario, its a beautiful day outside, you realized you haven’t jogged in several months hence you decided today was the PERFECT time to go jogging. So, you went online to check the weather in your town… and just to be sure, you stick half of your body out the door to feel the temperature (just in case). Nice weather indeed, so off we go right… nope not yet, your monkey brain tells you. Not until you dress up like a “jogger,” then you can go off, the monkey brain mumbles. So now, looking like a jogger with your shiny sneaks and some sporty pants we’re heading out the door. ”Hey there buddy, not too fast, you know you have to entertain me while you’re running, i can easily get BORED ya know,” squeaks the monkey brain again. So, with our Ipod in our hands we’re now finally ready to head out. ”Hold up for a second there chief,” the monkey brain utters, “what if I get thirsty and dehydrated and pass out on the way, that would be no bueno, so better get me a bottled water.” As we’re filling out our bottled water, out of nowhere the monkey brain starts analyzing and asks, “where are we going anyway, what is the route we’re taking, blah…blah..blah ?”…

Monkey Brain


The monkey brain unexpectedly starts to negotiate with you, “instead of jogging outside, why don’t we just go for a stroll at the mall, we can kill two birds with one stone ya know, you can look for those clothes/gadgets that you always wanted and get some exercise at the same time, YOU’LL HAVE MORE FUN.” This my friend is a typical scenario, in which YOU have been defeated by the monkey brain. Is the monkey brain really to much goal oriented…Nope, although thinking is an active process, the execution of the conscious mind is the key.  I know there have been sayings that if we do not plan, we plan to fail but if all we do is plan..plan and plan then we can turn into  zombies and slave to the monkey brain.  The key to execution is ACTION, TIME and ACTIVE PLANNING, make it an active learning process.  Whatever it is that we are doing, be it running outside or starting a business.. always be willing to fail. Failing will be the KEY to success in achieving goals. With all the things and the social media that is readily available within our fingertips, it would be hard to simplify and commit ourselves into one goal. On true sense, we DO need goals in life, it serves as a purpose in our journey through this life, just don’t be a hostage towards these goals through meticulous planning and let it hinder your growth.

It is very funny how our brain functions in different various situations.   Isn’t it quite funny that ones we are close to a certain goal or a certain achievement we tend to not continue and follow it. Our brain is actually trained to get complacent and be scared of success. Once the opportunity is there, it does not want to continue and purse for more opportunity. Instead of working hard to achieve a specific goal in life. What we need to do instead is look at a certain goal not as a finish line but more of a stepping stone to achieve other goals in your life.  So go out there and DO, FAIL and SUCCEED.  That’s what I did.