Simplify your Life

Living on Pennies


There was a recent documentary about a reputable news station in the media about the so called “homeless” begging for money in the streets. They did an experiment in which they look up and followed the beggars pattern throughout the day and calculated how much they really make in a day. They later found out that these beggars actually can make double of what working people who are making minimum wage are making. And they are not paying taxes. Can we say that beggars are in themselves pretty good businessmen.  I was really intrigued and interested about this to the point that I did my own research and did my own investigation and found plenty of interesting things.  I tried to do some calculation in regards with exactly how much a beggar can make as a living by talking to a man whose main profession was begging for money.  Assuming he gets about 50 cents every ten to fifteen minutes, that rounds up to about 5 dollars and hour and if he is persistent enough to do this every other hour then that is about 65 dollars a day or 455 a week or about 1800 a month.  That’s not pocket change to any extent of the imagination, even though the guy was begging for money, he was actually the one pimping everyone else.


Creative Drops


Creativity only comes once in a blue moon. It is important to look at creativity as something of a raindrop.  When it pours,  It comes in plenty therefore you have to pay attention and write down every single raindrop that come into your noggin. Always right down every raindrop that happens throughout the day, Its a new time and a new world. There’s a huge shift happening, we are on the verge of something big. and we are in the middle of it.  A new innovative idea is your key to wealth and success.  The corporate work life doesn’t work any more people have enough of being a zombie within their lives. The digital world has given us a lot of freedom to invent our own digital careers, and it’s awesome. The secret to increasing one’s income can be done through a dualism approach and it includes increasing your income through working more hours or through lowering your expenses. Either one of this strategy would bring more money in your pocket.  But having passive income or extra income on the side is the easiest way to wealth.


Reverse Consumerism


The globalization has connected of world markets quicker and closer than ever before in the history of the world. There will be several factors that is included with reverse consumerism, this includes the fact that people here in the west will be more frugal and will be less of a consumer while the people in the emerging countries and the leaders China and India will be consuming more, in which there economy will be increasing in a higher speed. When people starts to feel how addictive it is to be a consumerist society, Third world countries and emerging countries will be starting to consume almost as much as the Western World. There is nothing wrong with consumerism since it is the basic foundation of capitalism and capitalism produces wealth.

But once consumerism becomes a reason to build debt, then it can become a domino effect towards debt-ridden society. Consumerism as a result of capitalism is something that can make the economy stronger on any country. The larger circles of people around your life will usually help you find yourself or in the other times they can usually guide you towards the right track. Value plays a bigger role in the life’s purpose and when it’s given and done correctly, you can get back ten folds of the value that you have created.  Everyone is a consumer at some point in their lives, everyone consumes something somehow to a certain extent, and that is just a fact if life.  I myself was a big consumer but I knew that I had to be conscious about my consumerism because it started to become a hinder to my growth and success in life.