Age of Minimalism

There have been a new age of so called followers of the minimalism movement. Minimalism to me basically means simplicity and adhering to a simple life. The problem that we have is attachment and we are obsessed with our attachment to materialistic things and ideas, and this state of obsession can be very strong and harmful. Instead, this obsession needs to focus on value and things that brings real happiness and meaning to our lives.  Instead of using attachment in a harmful way, one should use this energy into something great and useful.  Same thing when you were very obsessed with the girl that you had a crush on in 7th grade. This obsession should be used towards ideas and projects.  In order to achieve a level of success it is very important to be fully emerged into your plans and ideas that can change the world in the future.

The big problem that I have with attachment is that causes us to depend on something that is outside of ourselves to be happy. Lets face it, we all know that nothing can lasts forever. Our gadgets and electronic toys can break, it can get stolen or misplaced and be lost forever.  Our relationships with people can move on, drift away, change, fall in and out of love, get in an accident, we are indeed mortal beings after all. So simply, our happiness is only temporary if you rely on them for it.  If you want to achieve a stable satisfying type of happiness, we need to find it in ourselves and not in things or other people.


Minimalism is not about a hatred or dissatisfaction of things.  It is about having fewer things, so that we can cherish each and every single one of them and their significance towards our lives. We need to appreciate their usefulness, design, versatility and most importantly their value.  A big lesson that I learned from minimalism is getting rid if my clutter or getting  rid of unnecessary stuff.  Just like any American living in this day of age, I too had my share of unnecessary stuff.  Some holds a significant use while others holds a sentimental value, but most of this stuff are just pure “crap” that is taking up space. Instead of letting this stuff consume up my attention, my time and my life, I chose to either sell it on eBay, donate it to people or just simply get rid of it.





Our inner compass can usually lead us to new found freedom and enlightenment.   Now is the time to travel. There is no better time to travel than now. There will always be plenty of uncertainty in this world, therefore there is no perfect time to travel than right NOW. And that is exactly what I did, my plan from the beginning was to use high secure currency such as the (dollar) and leverage it over weaker currencies such as (currently) European and in Asian currency. Lets face it, everyone in this world (even Bill Gates) has only 24 hrs. in a day, manage your time well and TRAVEL. Work and stress can impact our lives greatly. I was finally fed up so I decided to sell everything, leave my apartment, and travel. I have never been happier and enjoyed experiences and relationships so thoroughly as I did. I realized that change is inevitable and it cannot be resisted People grow, age, and die. Small towns turn into cities. Cultures, trends, and businesses gain and lose their influence. As rewarding as my job, I knew that I deserved my freedom, and for me, time to TRAVEL equals freedom. It has always been a really awesome experience to meet new people and build new relationships with people all throughout the world.


I’ve learned that as I “go with the flow,” accept things as they are, and become comfortable with change rather than resist it, life goes more smoothly for me. The beautiful thing about a traveling lifestyle is that it gives you time to work on your relationship and travel provides additional perspectives to see the problems from a totally different perspective. Traveling for me has brought new problems and stress with it that we wouldn’t have faced otherwise. Have fun with life It’s important to spend time planning for the future and learning from the past and from others. But I also realized that it is also very important to understand that the memories that stand out as the most meaningful to me are those when I traveled and meet new people and engulf in their cultures.