Success and Money


Now that we know how Success and Money is being perceived by society as an ideology that parallels each other (especially in the Western World at least).  Then  we can take a step back and rationalize the logistics behind this (materialistic)perception.  We need to  rationalize the importance of money and the fact that we have full control over money. Within our complex lives we tend to have more complex things, and when these things break down or gets old, then we have to replace it with newer complexer things. At this moment in time, we have correlated success with the amount of things that one can acquire.  Before, the western world became as rich and powerful as it is now, sustainability use to be the most important thing in the world.

If a person is able to feed himself and his family, then everything is “great”.  But with money comes the power to have what we want.  And we ended up wanting more and more.   We wanted more Luxury instead of just buying what is needed. Money is suppose to be a chance to be able to live comfortably. It gives us time to be able to spend more time on things that we want to do, instead of slavering up for it.  Having control of your own time is comfort which equals  freedom and independence.  Therefore,  Money would equal  Independence, a very simple equation indeed.

Instead of envy and following the crowd and society we end up comparing ourselves to others.  When they come into extra money, they immediately think of a way to spend it. Talk about losing sight of long-term goals! Way to stay focused! Living within your means (whatever they are) takes discipline.  The best solution would be to attain a sustainable income that can encompass a comfortable lifestyle based on our ideology. This can be done through a passive and an active income, with a mindful and a minimal frugal mindset.


We  need to achieve the doubts of other people that surrounds you. You have to accept the way other people think and what society thinks. This is the norm and you just have to accept this. Do not get upset and do not get frustrated, that take what is, as it is. We are raised to conform into the societal norms and become part of the “template” society. One of the greatest human beings that ever step into this earth was Alexander the Great. He had conquered millions of miles worth of territory in his name and became one of the most important people in the history of mankind. It is very hard to comprehend what Alexander the Great had to go through in order to achieve the status of greatness that he achieved. He had been in battles countless of times and still came out the supreme master of his own destiny.  Well, we don’t have to go through any brutal battles anymore, but we still do have an internal battle within ourselves.