Martin Dasko from

Hey, I’m Martin and I’m on a journey to help you get silly and save money!

My journey is all about saving some cash to have a blast in life! I earned my degree in Business and have been helping readers like you destroy debt and get the most out of life.

You want to save an insane amount of money for once? Check out the best financial tools to see real results. I help people save and make real money in their 20s so that they can travel, start a business, or just chill out. Grab a cup of coffee or a beer and stick around!

I asked Martin a few questions…

How “exactly” do your make money to \”fund\” your lifestyle/travels ?

I wish I could say that I have one source of income. I’m all over the map. I have advertising on my main blog, freelance writing for other bloggers, my own products that I’ve created, and other consulting gigs as they come in.

If you can change anything about your lifestyle decision, what would it be ?

To start sooner. I know that this is a generic response, but that’s just how it seems to work out. I waited forever to go on my first solo adventure. I waited for friends, I created excuses, and I just held it off. Then when I finally went, I soon realized that there was a whole society of vagabonds out there.

So don’t wait. Create a plan and work towards to it ruthlessly. Don’t let anything stop you.

What does success mean to you ?

Freedom. If you’re free to take a day off to hang out with friends, you’re successful. If you’re a slave to you own machine or to a paycheck, it’s time to make some changes.

What makes you happy the most ?

Working out and hanging out with friends.

I’m willing to sacrifice and work hard, if I know that I can always have time for friends and my workouts.

I worked my ass off in college so that I didn’t have to borrow a penny. I managed to graduate debt-free and now I have to freedom to do what I want.