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About the longest way home

The who, how, why and what?

“One man on a global quest: travel the world in search of home”

Would you like the long story or the short about Dave from The Longest Way Home?

Okay let me save you some time. Here’s the short 🙂

The Short Version: I grew up in a fairly extreme family environment. In other words not so nice. I spent the greater portion of my life trying to leave a place I always knew was never my home. Working, saving, surviving and dreaming.

In 2005 I began the overland part of this journey thinking it would only take a year or so. That was 8+ years ago and I’m still going.

This solo migration has been a much greater task than I ever expected.

It’s not so easy to find a home as I am finding out. Read my article on “The Definition of Home”. Many people say home is a state of mind not a place. Well, I disagree. Why? Not having the security of a home – meaning no family or no residence – means you’re truly on your own. Nothing to fall back on. If I don’t find something, I am toast.


Asked him a few Questions


How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels ?

I do this by not telling other people how I do this. Seriously though it’s an individual thing. Use your own skills if they can be marketed in other countries. If you can teach english then do it. But if you don’t like to teach, then it will just be another job. Most people are trying to escape this lifestyle of 9-5 but end up working in a school overseas with even longer hours. It’s fine for a few months, even a year or two. But soon that exotic location becomes “just another job”. Find a skill that you like and can utilize in other countries. Even if it means going back to school for a while before leaving – a horrible idea for many – but something that can prolong your travels if you can get work from it.


If you can change anything about your decision, what would it be ?

Nadda, zip, not a thing. This is what I want to do. Is there anything in hindsight I would like to change? Sure, like maybe not eating a dodgy kabab in Peshawar.


What does success mean to you ?
Personal happiness. Too many people are caught up in the limelight. We see people with extreme wealth or poverty with emotional or dependency issues all the time. Get over that hurdle, and you are on the home front to winning a successful life.


What makes you happy the most ?

Right now, silence. There’s nothing like a place where you can only hear nature. Tomorrow perhaps a giant steak. It’s all about what make you happy at the moment. Sometimes with a life on the road you don’t stop to smell the roses. Tomorrow they might be gone!
Cheers and safe travels,


-one man on a global travel quest-
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