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Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living Blog

I asked Benny a few Questions:

How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels ?

My income come from my iOS apps now. Currently I have 1 game and 4 non-game apps. Working on more as i type this. I promote courses from time to time on my blog and make some affiliate commission. I also have two courses which I sell. One is helps people get unstuck in life and the other is about how to develop iPhone apps with no programming experience.

If you can change anything about your lifestyle decision, what would it be ?

If I could change anything about my lifestyle decision, it would be doing it sooner! It’s really nice to be free to do whatever you want during the days. I don’t have to fight traffic. I don’t have to wake up before the sun comes up. It’s really nice.


What does success mean to you ?

Success to me means doing what I want when I want. I make enough money to cover all my expenses, live comfortably and save some for the future. If I’m able to do the work I enjoy, and it doesn’t feel like work, to me that is success as well.


What makes you happy the most ?

Making me the most happy is my wife. She supports me so much and helps me when I’m feeling down. We laugh a lot and she supports the work I do. Some wives wouldn’t like their husbands spending hours and hours on the computer, but she is cool.