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Henri Junttila

My approach to online business is holistic. I’m not just here to show you how to make money online, because that’s not the end goal.

The end goal is to help you develop an online business that supports your lifestyle and adds freedom to your life, so you can do what you want, when you want, and from where you want.

My online business has allowed me all the free time I want. I spent 2010 living in Spain with my girlfriend (and our dog) because of my online business.

And in 2012 I became a father. I now get to spend time with my newborn son and see him grow up and get acquainted with this weird world.

There’s no magic formula. There are no requirements. You can do this, too, but it takes hard work and determination.

Henri writes on http://www.wakeupcloud.com

I asked Henri a few questions:


How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle travels ?

I’ve been making a living online since 2009, so I make money from many different sources, such as, ebooks, online courses, affiliate sales, advertising, consulting, freelance work, and a membership site. And I make money from different websites I’ve built up over the years.

Right now I don’t do much traveling, instead I spend most of my time with my son and the rest of my family. I also enjoy exploring some of my interests such as learning to cartoon, which I started to do last year.

If you can change anything about your decision, what would it be ?

I don’t know if I’d change anything. I’m happy with where I’m at, and I know all the mistakes I’ve made, and the $10,000+ I’ve spent on bad training/courses happened for a reason. I learned from each setback, mistakes and “failure.”

The key for me has been to focus on one thing when I was getting started, and make it work before I move on to the next thing.

What does success mean to you ?

Success to me means doing work I love while living a life I’m excited about. For me this doesn’t mean traveling or partying. It means living a simple life where I get to explore my interests, write, help people, and hang out with my family.

What makes you the happiest?

At the core, what makes me happy is to follow my heart. I listen to that whisper inside of me that we all have access to. I follow my inspiration and let my life unfold.