The Root of Hate



Negative thinking will always be a hindrance towards your productivity.  The solution is the power to switch towards a more positive state through the “supebeing” mental and physical  transcendental state. For the novice, it will take more time and a lot of practice. The “monkey brain,” takes effort to tame and be taught new tricks.  It knows and realizes when it is trained and is subdued, it is in its nature to “resist”.


When this occurs, consciousness is your “leash.”  states is now easier after a lot of experience.  Feelings and emotions such as love, hatred and fear, these thoughts like clouds co created the infinite reality always trying to identify your canvas of personality.  You have to develop an open relationship with your thoughts. Try to develop a dualistic mind into a non dualistic mind, no right and wrong, good or bad.


Try to live in the now, not necessarily disconnecting with the world but just being present in the moment and what ever arises in your present moment is the world that you’ve created, within this physical world. Do not try to fight “HIM” all throughout my life but I have now put a leash around its neck and this “ego” is not going anywhere with no resistance, the ego is now enlightened. Recognition is a big part since this “ego” is very needy, always asking for my attention.


I am the master, master of me and it took me all my life to realize this and get rid of all these attachments.  I am not merely talking about a practice, mysticism or trying to be in a transcendental “enlightened” state. But my unified mind has applied the universal laws, quantum mechanics of science, psychosocial behavioral and environment adapted perspective of the lifespan of this holistic group of atoms which is of me. And it has been quite an interesting journey so far, filled with questions, unanswered questions and answers that only lead to further questions.


I am infinite, I am the universe, god and the physical, I am morality and evil in existence. Withheld from thoughts, feelings and attachments, I am only living in the present, with no resistance. This practice has always been a challenge throughout, with many misdirections and paradigm shifts. There are many times where I get caught with the existence of me, materialistic, emotional and sexual fantasies and there goes the years of practice. It is tiring trying to be awakened every moment, every second, every millisecond but it is necessary for this enlightened state’s growth.


The river of thoughts sometimes flows like a waterfall drifting everywhere like a rapid wave going in all directions and motions, but when I notice and become conscious of the moment, it can quickly turn into a quite free flowing lake.  Be great be enlightened, be Superhuman.


Stay resilient in tough times, and you can survived the depths of the deepest Recession.  Reseliency is the name of the game.


Keep it Low Key

It is better to Never speak o upon the accomplshments that you have achieneved until asked.  When talking about the accomplishments always try to be modest.


Fail… and Fail more


why I stay running

from realit, and just wait till it catches up to me.

At one point in self loathing in striving to please every loved one

So does that mean I build the ship to for others to float

As much as I loved them reach to their journey which is basically

their perception of my journey and achievements, that’s a little

to selfish I say…In this country built by capitalism, green and higher leverage in return in your Roth IRA is the badge of your status, I sayfuck it, when they say a hot chic is a bad investment.


Observe and Preserve


Always Be A Mystery to Others


Stay dreaming, keep the mystery for other people

but you cant live the life of a king with a pauper personality

Some say grab life by the horns, I say grab it by the ballsack.


Plenty of Ups and Downs

The Journey


Be Content but never STOP


Never stay content…be the Jack of all trades…

And if they want you to slow and settle down, I say take it up

a notch.


past is the past let it pass…h


I reframe myself, to not give up on anything I picture millions and millions of people who have given up on a situation and a name it loserville, there are plenty of people in looservile


Improve your viual attention and acquity, be able to read by just using your eyes.  After visual information leaves the eye, it doesn’t just go to one place for processing, the signal actually suvuces a lot of the procesing is done .  Our conscius appreciation of visual information is provided by processing that is done in the visual cortex, it sits back in the area of the brain that is called the cccipial lobe.


There are billions of people in this world