The Shift


There has been a huge major shift of human improvement in the last Century. This has brought up a large p

As we become more and  more civilized and cross greater technological barriers within in our lives, we strive for greater and bigger things.  Success and happiness is suddenly measured towards material possessions and monetary value (whatever happened to “its the character that counts”).  A Mercedes Benz and an Iphone is now a model for success and achievement here in the Western World.  As I am writing this, I reminisce about my times in High School in which there wasn’t really a care in the world.  Money was not really the issue, because I never had any.  Its quite embarrassing to think about it now, but i vividly remember going to restaurants with my friends and just giving leftover “change” as tips (who doesn’t do that in High School).  It wasn’t until i dated a girl who was a waitress/server that I realized what a big ass-hole I was for being a cheapskate.  And believe it or not… I became a big advocate for giving “proper tips” to servers.  Be careful not to get them upset, always remember that they can do “whatever the hell” they want with your food and you would never know it until you start making out with the toilet  ; )

Now, try to spend a few hours observing a Middle School child and you will notice how much they are just surrounded by their little egos.  The lack of empathy and emotional intelligence is quite evident on young children everywhere.  A big problem or hurdle in a middle school child’s life is trying to fit in their own little world.  The level of their human importance and existence lies between whether or not they get to sit with the popular kids or sit alone in the cafeteria. How pathetic is that eh.  Well, sure we can give those little chaps a break since they don’t really know any better… right.  Well, part of human evolution and human development within our minds and the limbic brain is the “ego” which correlates to our “self-worth.”  But even as we go through adulthood and eventually having kids of our own, that ego-driven and ego-centric part of the brain still functions the same way.  Only now, it has been calibrated to a different formula.  Instead of the popularity contest in the Middle School Cafeteria, the “monkey brain” believes that money, acquiring things and faster toys defines our “self worth.”

Now, I wish I have the same trivial perspective about life (as a Middle School child) now as an adult.  Don’t you wish that instead of thinking,  pondering and stressing about the pile of bills in the mail, how much money is in your account or whether or not you can ever retire in the future…  instead, all you care about is what show to watch next on the television.  Lets face it, our society is filled with stress, ego and consumerism and with it comes tons of anxiety that we all CREATED on ourselves.  I guess the answer would be to think more like “middle school” kids … with the ability to care less about extravagant details in life… minus the little “ego” and the “whining” of course.opulation of the Third World Countries into an emerging population and an emerging population to one with a high degree of Wealth that none of these population had ever experienced ever in their lives (ea. China, India, and Brazil).  This positive achievement, accomplishment and growth brought with it an increase in spending and consumerism (a lot of buying) and an influx of money being circulated around the world economy (all prior to the housing bust).  In some of these third world countries you might be surprised to see someone living in a “shanty” yet has an Iphone in one hand (how awesome is that, eh).  Consumerism does not choose sides my friend.  But as money and possessions flowed more easily, WE expected everyone to be more happier and become more fulfilled. BUT instead it’s quite the opposite, many are very unhappy, unhealthy and more stressed.  Just try to look around you and you will notice plenty of  unsatisfied folks (look at the mirror and you might see one in front of you).