We are now living in a different time.  This technological era has now allowed anyone to make money anywhere, anytime with just a click of their mouse.  There are now plenty of opportunity for anyone to make a living.   There are now things that they can do that was not even possible years ago.


I honestly believe that every single person in this world is creative in their own way.  Plenty of. Research have found that creativity is at its strongest during childhood.  It is part of a child’s development to create great things within their minds. It is part of childhood development to be curious about the world and try new things.

As we grew old, this hunger for new things is getting replaced by the safe and what is considered a normal template by hen standards of he society and even from our own families.

Creative Raindrops

Creativity only comes one in a blue moon. It is important to look at creativity as something of a raindrop. It comes in plenty , therefore you have to pay attention and write down every single raindrop that come into your noggin. Always right down every raindrop that happens throughout the day,

5 Minute Drills

Go to a quite comfortable place and for about 5 mins. just try to sit there and be quite.


Get a timer


The bathroom

You have no idea, how many ideas I was able to generate while I was in the bathroom.  Either you are taking a shower or just using the john, there will sometimes be plenty of ideas that goes through in and out of your consciousness.