How I make my money



First of all, I just want to thank you for visiting my Blog.  I don’t consider myself an expert in lifestyle development or in Entrepreneurship, therefore everything that I mention all comes from experiences and the lessons that I learned from the vast mistakes that I have made throughout my journey.

For me personally, success does not involve wealth and vast material possessions, instead it is about being able to manage my OWN TIME with the THINGS and ACTIVITIES that I am PASSIONATE about.  All I really want is to live a simple and a MINIMALIST life in which I have the essentials (food, water, shelter) to live a sustainable life.  I have written a pledge to myself to never become a consumerist and have “STUFF” become a catalyst to my happiness and well being.




Well, like I mentioned before, I make my full time income ONLINE.

LOCATION:  Being able to live anywhere in the WORLD allows me the luxury to have full CONTROL of my LIFESTYLE.

I choose to live most of the time in Third World Countries in which I am able to MAXIMIZE and LEVERAGE of the return of my DOLLAR$.


CASH FLOW: The cash flow that I have per month varies a lot from month to month.  And this depends on various variables.

Lets Look at the Real NUMBERS:

My Websites and Source of Income come from:

  1. Allnursingnotes
  2. My Rockland County
  3. Reach Out Today
  4. Supernerdo
  5. Asian Thinks


Allnursingnotes is basically a website dedicated for Nursing Students taking their Nursing License exam.  It is in a blog format in which there are plenty of useful resources such as tutorial videos for nursing students taking their NCLEX Exam.

PRODUCT: With ALLNURSINGNOTES, the cash flow comes mainly from the NCLEX Review CD that is sold through Ebay.

NCLEX Audio Review= $20 ($2 Shipping Fee)

Monthly Cash Flow= $2000

Annual Revenue= $20- $25 K

The other cash flow come from one on one tutoring for someone the NCLEX Review via skype

CHARGE = $75 One time Fee





My Rockland County

– My Rockland County is a blog dedicated to the County of Rockland, New York.

♣ Majority of the income from this site comes from SPONSORSHIP from small businesses all around Rockland County.

TARGET MARKET: Small Business (Restaurants, Coffee Shops)

Monthly Cash Flow= $300

Annual Revenue= $3,600





Reach Out Today

Reach Out Today is made to help Middle School and High School students reach their full potential.

♦ I do Motivational Speaking in schools in regards to BULLYING.

Speaking Charge per School= $300- $400 or a School District Contract.

TARGET MARKET:  Middle Schools,  High Schools, Camps






Supernerdo is a website I made for me to connect with other entrepreneurs like you.

♣ Write now I am just focused on increasing my email list.

¤ Money-Less Course= $4.95/ One Time Fee

¤ Consulting= Price Varies





Asian Thinks

Asian Thinks is a consulting project that specializes in the Asian Demographic

My TARGET Market

  1. Lawyers and Doctors
  2. Corporations (Pfizer)
  3. Political Special Groups
  4. Government Groups
  5. Small Businesses

PRODUCT:  $ 43  Digital Product

CONSULTING: $500-800 based on the Client