Meet David


Hello, friend. My name is Dave Ursillo and I’m a multi-published author and entrepreneur who helps creative self-starters live their leadership through artistry. My latest project, The Literati Writers, is a private-membership digital writers’ group dedicated to helping writers “live and love” their creative journeys every step of the way. is my personal space and outlet that serves me as a communicator, a connector, a conduit and a life-explorer. But beyond all of those titles, what I am is a writer.

I asked David a few questions…


How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels?

My business as a creative entrepreneur revolves around my online writing community, The Literati Writers, and hosting various workshops, intensives, and mastermind groups.

If you can change anything about your lifestyle decision, what would it be?

I wish that it hadn’t had taken me four years to finally hit my stride as a creative entrepreneur to provide for myself as I had always dreamed, but I had nowhere else to start but from where I was. My advice for someone who wants to live more freely and travel on money that they make from their creative ventures and entrepreneurship, I would say this: dream of grandeur less, focus more on making intelligent failures that move your forward, help you learn/grow, and build your base of supporters.

What does success mean to you?

Success is freedom. Period.

What makes you happy the most?

I love that every day is different and I have my own free will to determine what day contains what. I love to meet people, travel to new destinations, spend time friends, go to yoga, eat well, and feel love wherever I go and whatever I do — especially in writing and creation.