Man on the Lam


Man on the Lam

I’m a man, and I’m on the lam.

So just what is a “Man on the Lam?”

Well, I’m not really a fugitive, although the term “on the lam” does mean “on the run” — think gangsters in old movies one step ahead of the sheriff — that’s on the lam right there.

But the only hard time I’m trying to avoid is that cubicle-shaped cell I was prisoner to for far too many years. You can read about my reasons for quitting here: Growing Old Before My Time.

So just what is the point of all this? I want to inform and entertain. That’s all. And hopefully inspire a couple of you to take the leap and see more of what’s outside your door. That would be nice too.

Cover the earth before it covers you.

I asked Raymond a few questions…


How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle/travels ?

I had some money saved up to get me started, but now I rely on advertising from my travel blog and a few other niche sites. Some freelance writing work and a bit of income from a rental property make sure that I don’t starve each month.

If you can change anything about your lifestyle decision, what would it be ?

I only wish I had made the leap sooner. I’ve come to realize that the universe has a way of aligning when you really pursue your dreams. My of my favourite sayings lately is, “Just because you can’t see the path before you doesn’t mean that the ground won’t support you.”

What does success mean to you ?

Being happy, doing good, and making others happy along the way.

What makes you happy the most ?

A good book, some nice music, beautiful scenery, good company — it all depends on the moment. Plus a nice glass of wine every now and then helps too.