Brendan’s Adventures


Brendan van Son

After University Brendan set off to try and discover the world he had read about in the books. Over the past two years he has traveled through 3 continents and has written and photographed his every movement.

Why I think he’s awesome:

♣ His passion with photography enables him to have really awesome pictures and videos in his website

– I know he is a busy man with more than 22K  Likes on Facebook, yet he still responded very PROMPTLY when I tried to reach out to him.

– He has super awesome Adventures around the World.   Thanks again Brendan, you rock brother.


I asked Brendan a few questions:


1. How “exactly” do your make money to “fund” your lifestyle travels ?

Well, this is something that I’m still working on.  I’m definitely not a rich man.  I had about $500 in my bank account when I left home 4 years ago and I have about the same today.  Still, what’s important to me is that I can stay free and roaming while still maintaining my independence.  I earn a living in a number of ways.  My website is starting to look like a nascar with all the advertising it has on it these days.  Moreover, I sell photos, write freelance articles, and do other things to stay afloat.  A lot of it too doesn’t come down to earning money but rather exchanging goods.  For example, I might do some marketing photos for a company that puts me on a tour or safari for free.  It’s a good trade.  They get marketing and social media content that they would have had to pay for otherwise, and I get a tour that I would have had to pay for otherwise.  It’s a good deal.

2. If you can change anything about your decision, what would it be ?

I’m not sure I would have changed anything.  Sure, I made a lot of mistakes along the way but they eventually all got me to the point I am now.  I think that, if I had to change something, I would have been more decisive.  I would have stopped myself and said “this is what I really want to do, so do it”.  Instead, I fought with myself, and what society might deem a normal lifestyle, for a bit, and it really didn’t make me happy.  Until I really felt free and clear in my decision, I wasn’t truly happy.  These days, I’m inspired by each and every day.

3. What does success mean to you ?

Success is nothing but happiness to me.  I think to find that success (happiness) you need to find balance, and that balance is different for everyone.  For me, money isn’t really important.  However, to be truly successful I need to have some sort of funding.  Really at the end of the day, if you’re living your life the way you want to, that is success.  The anti-success is living your life the way other people think you should be. Success is something that only you can gauge for yourself. Do what you love doing, and you’ll be successful.

Check out Brendan’s website HERE