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Find out about my MONEY-LESS Journey and

how I was able to sustain a lifestyle with LESS.

The Moneyless Project is a movement in which I learned to attain a big paradigm shift with the “idea” of attaining Happiness and Fulfilment without putting much emphasis in the value of the Monetary and Consumerist System.




Learn how I was able to re-frame my own personal psyche

and achieve HAPPINESS regardless if the CIRCUMSTANCE.

Base on plenty of case studies, Americans are actually one of the unhappiest people on earth.  We beat ourselves up and try to force ourselves to work harder, because we feel like a complete failure the minute we stop working.  We are always worried about being judged by society.


Work has becoming the main priority in our lives  because we need the money to buy stuff that we necessarily don’t need.  Let’s face it, we are all addicted to something, yes… you and me.



Understand the power and ability to FOCUS on WORK.

Learn the secrets in harnessing your FOCUS ability.

The brain truly is an amazing invention a magnificent creation.  Our minds has the capacity to ponder the infinite and allows us to become our own ‘Gods’ within ourselves and project our destiny through the power of thought and thinking.  That in itself is an amazing revelation in the history of human consciousness.


Each of us has the coherent ability to examine each sense, feelings and emotions that floats within our own consciousness.  Even though the mind wanders and produces thoughts without us being conscious at times, we as the “master” and the (thinker) have the ability to be aware of these thoughts and examine them one by one.



Get INSIGHTS from the Great Benjamin Franklin

that can help improve and change your LIFE.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the most frugal-minded men in our nation’s history, said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  Back in Ben’s day, a penny was nothing to be trifled with, especially to the thrifty Franklin; squandering a penny or two a day was much like wasting a dollar or two a day now.

And while being frugal means spending less and saving more, sometimes our lack of knowledge propels us to make stupid purchasing choices.don